International Women’s Day Feature

Saarah Shivji
My name is Saarah Shivji, and I have been a lawyer for seven years. I currently run my own law practice in downtown Toronto in the areas of real estate, Read More
Caryma Sa’d
My name is Caryma Sa’d and I did a combined Juris Doctor (awarded 2015) & Master of Arts (M.A.) in International Affairs at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law Read More
Taslenna Shairulla
My name is Taslenna Shairulla, and I was called to the Ontario Bar in 2014. I am currently a Senior Associate in the Financial Advisory group at Deloitte Canada, with Read More
Tara Vasdani
My name is Tara Vasdani and I am an Associate Lawyer working primarily in subrogation on Bay Street. I am a 2017 call. And most importantly, I’m a mentor. My Read More
Sudevi Mukherjee-Gothi
Introduction (name, year of call, current position, and whether you are a mentor with the program) Sudevi Mukherjee-Gothi I was called to the Bar in 2002.  I am a partner Read More
Nilofar Ahmadi
Hometown: Markham city What do you enjoy most about practicing law? I mainly enjoy litigation and working with disadvantaged groups. I have experienced being a minority in Canada and the Read More
Dhakshayini (Dhakshi) Ariyakumar
Hometown: Toronto Number of years practicing law: 1 What do you enjoy most about practicing law? The learning process on a daily basis with regards to different matters, because everyday Read More
Arian Rafati
Hometown: Ajax, Ontario Number of years practicing law: 2 What do you enjoy most about practicing law? I love working with clients and preparing an effective defense to cases. I enjoy Read More